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Contacta's window intercom systems offer excellent quality of sound through safety screens

Hands-free operation

Easy to sanitize

High quality, durable and robust design

Full duplex for feedback-free conversation

Superior sound clarity

Inclusive technology for hearing aid wearers

What is a loop? – a quick guide to hearing loops

Statistics about hearing loss

The available solutions

How does a hearing loop work?

The benefits

Where can hearing loops be found?

Compliance and legal obligations

Kathy Kopp is the Executive Director of the Platteville Regional Chamber in Wisconsin. Video is courtesy of My Hearing Loop and owner Mike Mair. 

“Audiologists can make people hear, but in a very limited range and the hearing loop just makes that hearing aid doubly useful, and getting that message out is really what I’m working on.”

HLAA National Hearing Loop Advocate, Juliëtte Sterkens

Dealer training and support

Our North American dealer and distribution partners are provided with comprehensive training and guidance. We understand the importance of support: our Loop Calculator, expert team, design and marketing tools ensure the best service is delivered.

Design and installation guidance

We’re with you every step of the way. If you need guidance on the perfect assistive listening system for your venue, we can provide it; from specification to design to installation, our products are manufactured to fit your needs.

A range of assistive technology

Our wide range of assistive listening technology allows you to realize the full potential of accessibility and inclusivity in every interaction, leading to happier customers and an enhanced reputation.

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