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A global leader in assistive listening systems.


Hold our products to the highest standards
Respect the market and the ever-growing need for innovation in induction loop applications
Empower consumers with the knowledge and resources to bring quality hearing loops into their communities
Cultivate caring employees who value their work, the customer’s needs, and the end goal to provide clear communication to those who are hearing impaired
Build honest business relationships


Contacta History


United Kingdom
Contacta Ltd. was founded in 1970 by Bert Thomas. His son, Simon Thomas, joined the family owned and operated business in 1976. Simon has maintained his role of Managing Director since 1987 and is heavily involved in all commercial aspects of the business. Contacta Ltd. began as a provider of audio, computerized intercom, and Speech Transfer Systems in the United Kingdom. In 1988, Contacta began manufacturing hearing loop (or induction loop) systems, which remains a leading facet of the company today. By 2003, Contacta Ltd. had sold nearly 250,000 hearing loop systems.
United States
In 2000, Richard McKinley got involved with induction loops via Dr. David Myers and the US Hearing Loop Initiative ‘Let’s Loop America!’.

Dr. Myers, a college professor who has suffered hearing loss since his 40’s, had a life changing experience in Scotland that took him to the verge of tears when he experienced a hearing loop for the first time. Upon Dr. Myers’ return to the United States, he brought the technology to West Michigan by installing numerous hearing loops locally alongside Richard McKinley, a former student of Dr. Myers. The impact of hearing loops on users matched Dr. Myers’ response - an emotional wave of tears and gratitude to be able to hear clearly. The impact of hearing loops was so profound Richard McKinley made the choice to sell his AV company and commit his efforts solely to hearing loops.
UK/US Partnership

In 2008, Richard partnered with Contacta Ltd. in the UK and developed other international relationships to begin Contacta, Inc., a US corporation. Richard began traveling the country hosting hearing loop trainings to educate others about the technology and recruit AV integrators to begin installing hearing loops nationwide. By 2011, Contacta Inc. was recognized as a leading hearing loop company in the US.

The dedication to provide quality and reliable hearing loops prompted Contacta Inc. (US) and Contacta Ltd. (UK) to manufacture its own line of large area hearing loop drivers in 2014. Contacta, Inc. now offers a full product range of hearing loop products including one-to-one loops, large area drivers, radio frequency systems (RF), infrared systems (IR), and speech transfer systems (STS).

The two Contacta sites in the US and United Kingdom work closely together to ensure a strong business partnership, a cohesive brand, and dedication to its values.



  • Office and warehouse facility in Holland, Michigan.
  • Small product assembly and shipping point for North America.
  • Network of 100+ Dealers throughout the United States and Canada.
  • Sales and technical support staff.
  • Leader in hearing loop training. As an AVIXA International Renewal Unit (RU) provider, Contacta demonstrations its commitment to providing quality education and training for AV professionals including Certified Technology Specialists (CTS).
  • Research and development team to investigate new assistive listening systems and applications. Product development for custom situations and markets.
  • Commitment to continuous product improvement and applying industry best practices by hosting annual Dealer meetings.


  • Two sites, office and manufacturing/shipping hub in Paddock Wood.
  • Full manufacturing of assistive listening devices.
  • Staff includes in-house electronic and mechanical design team, product engineers, field service engineers, and teams in business development, sales, marketing, service delivery, IT, HR, and finance.
  • Primary sales in mainland Europe (Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Denmark, Finland), Australia, and New Zealand. Small scale sales in Israel, South Korea, Thailand, and Hong Kong.


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