Our Approach

Our philosophy is to think of everyone in all that we do. Every step of the way.

We take a fresh approach from beginning to end, starting with the specification and design of our products, right through to installation and ongoing support.


Hold our products to the highest standards.
Respect the market and the ever-growing need for innovation in induction loop applications.
Empower consumers with the knowledge and resources to bring quality hearing loops into their communities.
Cultivate caring employees who value their work, the customer’s needs and the end goal to provide clear communication to those who are hearing impaired.
Build honest business relationships.


Our vision is to be a global leader for assistive technology solutions.

Company Profile

United States

  • Office and warehouse facility in Holland, Michigan.
  • Product assembly and shipping point for North America.
  • Network of Dealers and Distributors throughout the United States and Canada.
  • Sales and technical support staff.
  • Leader in hearing loop training. As an AVIXA International Renewal Unit (RU) provider, Contacta demonstrates its commitment to providing quality education and training for AV professionals including Certified Technology Specialists (CTS).
  • Research and development team to investigate new assistive listening systems and applications. Product development for custom situations and markets.
  • Commitment to continuous product improvement and applying industry best practices by hosting annual Dealer meetings.

United Kingdom

  • Two sites, office and manufacturing/shipping hub in Paddock Wood.
  • Full manufacturing of assistive listening devices.
  • Staff includes in-house electronic and mechanical design team, product engineers, field service engineers, and teams in business development, sales, marketing, service delivery, IT, HR, and finance.
  • Primary sales in mainland Europe (Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Denmark, Finland), Australia, and New Zealand. Small scale sales in Israel, South Korea, Thailand, and Hong Kong.
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