Cedarburg Performing Arts Center

The Cedarburg Performing Arts Center in Cedarburg, WI is host to numerous performances such as music, comedy, and dance. The entertainment is endless at this theater, acting as a typical high school auditorium during the day, and a show venue on selected dates. The mission of the venue is to provide opportunities to the students and residents in the Cedarburg area and beyond to experience and appreciate the performing arts.

To fully appreciate any kind of performance, it is crucial to be able to clearly hear the music or speech coming from the stage, no matter where you are sitting in the room.

Originally the theater had an IR system, but accessibility from a hearing loop was a much better solution for the room set up and the accessibility of the users. In June of 2021, Dave Scroggins, owner of DRS Sound Inc., and his team installed a hearing loop at the Cedarburg Performing Arts Center. This installation used two V22a drivers, 2-phased arrays, and well over a mile of flat wire and 1,200 ft of 3” SafetyTac.


As seen in the pictures, the flat wire is strategically placed through the rows of seats and lining the stairs, allowing for the most consistent listening experience from everywhere inside the theater. Due to the 8” rise on every row of seating, it took a lot of materials to run a loop wire in every row, but by using this design, the outcome was very consistent and predictable. On top of the quality, it was also aesthetically appealing to the customer by matching the seat hardware color.

The V22a PRO

For this installation, the V22a PRO drivers were the best fit for several reasons. Our V22a PRO is a highly efficient constant current hearing loop driver with dual output for phased array loops. It is designed for medium-sized facilities and venues, ideal for 580-seat performing arts center, where the last row of seats is 78 feet from the stage.

Having an audio delay built in allowed the 2 drivers to offset the upper seating section from the lower seating section to match the over-the-air speaker sound in the room.

The V22a PRO allows for a simple installation, and it provides excellent speech and music reproduction, ideal for any performance center.


With 5 people working on the installation, the entire project was completed in one day. From start to finish it took about 8-9 hours in total, which is a remarkable feat due to the very experienced people on the DRS Sound team. The process used by Dave and his team was efficient, effective, and accurate, making for a seamless project. The loop was tested out after completion and the results were amazing.


For more photos of this installation, visit the DRS Sound website through the link below:


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