Grimsby Public Library

The Hearing Assistive Technology Group has installed our one-to-one counter loop kit at the Grimsby Public Library, becoming the first library in the Niagara region to do so.  The project was initiated by Gordana Mosher, the accessibility projects and communications manager at the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association. Mosher lives in Grimsby and was able to see the need for this installation in the community.


The Hearing Loop

Marc Gagnon, Market Development Manager with The Hearing Assistive Technology Group, installed our STS-K002 at the library’s counter service, where much of the communication in the building takes place. Because of Covid-19, all communication at the counter takes place through a safety screen and through face masks. With the STS-K002 in place, customers and staff will no longer be straining to hear through the barriers. To use the hearing loop, hearing aid wearers switch their devices to the T-coil only mode when they approach the counter which blocks out background noise and provides the staff’s speech direct to the hearing device.  This in turn creates a higher level of clarity to improve communication between staff and customer.


Leading the Region

“The library strives to eliminate barriers to service whenever possible and we are grateful to Contacta and the Hearing Assistive Technology Group for installing this technology that will assist with communication allowing all visitors to have a barrier free library experience.” (Kathryn Drury, Grimsby Public Library CEO & Chief Librarian)


In addition to addressing accessibility requirements, the solution is a critical part to the library’s re-opening plan.  As the library begins to welcome visitors back, post COVID-19 lockdown, the solution is critical in keeping staff and guests safe.  A key objective of the installation is to bring awareness to the value of a hearing loop in one-to-one communication setting. The impact will hopefully encourage other buildings within the Town of Grimsby and the Niagara Region to follow suit. Gordana Mosher looks at these projects from a national perspective, focusing on one community at a time.

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