Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort

Commitment to Safety

Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort in Jackson, CA, provides entertainment through casino games, hotel lodging, an RV park, dining services, concerts, weddings, and more. On top of their commitment to fun, is their commitment to the health and safety of employees and guests.

With the well-being of all those that enter into the casino as a top priority, various safety measures have been put into place.  These include the requirement of masks, temperature checks, health screening, new sanitizing protocols, social distancing as well as plexiglass dividers. These measurements ensure that all visitors are safe and protected from the virus, but the Casino recognized this can present difficulties in communication. Jackson Casino took efforts to ensure safety as well as quality communication for all by installing Contacta’s window intercom systems throughout the resort.

Window Intercom Systems

The STS-K071 and STS-K072 Window Intercom System kits were installed in various parts of the resort where communication takes place through plexiglass dividers. These areas include the cash cage, players club, Pacific Grill food venue, Margaret’s café & bakery, and gas station registers.


Speaker and microphone pods can be free standing or surface mounted, which allowed the casino to strategically place the equipment to best compliment the needs of different registers and partitions.  Slight modifications to the plexiglass partitions were made to add a small shelf for the STS-M70 microphones to sit on.  This allowed the microphones to be positioned correctly and at optimal height for the microphone to pick up the customers speech.

Both staff and customers now appreciate the ability to communicate with ease, while maintaining safety protocols in the midst of COVID-19.

Why Contacta?

In response to the pandemic, Contacta quickly adapted to the need to have clear communication through safety barriers that were quickly being installed at service points in almost every sector.  The STS-K070/71/72 kits are part of a new entry level range that is cost effective while still providing the best sound quality and performance.  The range can accommodate low, moderate and high ambient noise conditions through microphone selection.

The Casino staff decided on the STS-K071 and STS-K072 kits because they offered a sleek design, high quality communication and at an excellent price. The aesthetics and simplicity of use fit perfectly with the needs of the Jackson Rancheria Casino.

With these kits installed, the casino has provided an environment of safety and inclusivity to everyone’s needs.

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