Amtrak invests in accessible technology

Amtrak is contracting with California-based Siemens Mobility Inc. to manufacture a new fleet of up to 83 multi-powered modern trains. This project is a $7.3 billion investment that will offer modern amenities and give passengers the accommodations and comforts that they want and deserve.

The outcome of this project is to make rail travel accessible to all. To accomplish this, these trains will include accessible restrooms and vestibules, an accessible Food Service car, and lifts for customers with reduced mobility, including wheelchair users. The trains will also be equipped with inductive hearing loops for those with hearing loss.

Amtrak recognizes that the ability to hear clearly is not only important, but it’s a necessity while traveling.

In response to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Amtrak will provide touchless restroom controls and automated steps. For a quality traveling experience, the trains will offer enhanced lighting and panoramic windows, larger vestibules, and a more contemporary food service experience with self-service options. And for an enjoyable ride, the trains will be equipped with comfortable seating, individual power outlets, USB ports and even onboard Wi-Fi.

The list is endless when it comes to the accommodations that the new trains will offer. They have all their boxes checked, from comfort to safety, and most importantly, accessibility. It’s great to see Amtrak get “in the loop”.

To learn more about the project, visit the article below:

Amtrak to Transform Rail Travel with $7.3 Billion Investment in State-of-the-Art Equipment

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