Infrared Systems

Contacta’s infrared listening devices are ideal when a sound source needs to be transmitted to multiple receivers, when ambient noise interferes with comprehension, or when confidentiality is required within a confined space.

An audio source is converted to infrared light and projected to users via an infrared transmitter. Infrared receivers then convert the light back into audio, providing users with a simple and clear listening experience.

Infrared systems are ideal for settings such as courtrooms, medical facilities, police offices, and anywhere where confidentiality is important.

Contacta’s infrared systems are compatible with induction neck loops, under-the-chin receiving headphones, and standard headphones with a 3.5mm input.


Radio Frequency Systems

Contacta’s RF systems are ideal when sound sources need to be wirelessly transmitted across large areas, sending signals through walls regardless of floor plans. A FM transmitter is connected to an audio source such as a guidance recording or microphone which sends signals to the portable FM receiver.

These systems can utilize 40 channels simultaneously and provide a range of up to 984 feet. FM receivers can also be equipped with induction neck loops to aid inclusivity and accessibility, enabling users to listen using a hearing device equipped with a telecoil (or T-coil).

With a variety of FM transmitter and charging options available, Contacta offers solutions to fit your needs. Contacta’s radio frequency listening devices are designed for tour guides, theaters, auditoriums, conference rooms, house of worship, and classrooms.


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Product FAQ

What is a hearing loop (or an induction loop) and how does it work?

A hearing loop (also referred to as an induction loop) is an assistive listening device that improves communication by enabling the hearing-impaired user to hear the sound source directly, therefore reducing background noise. Users can utilize a hearing loop (or induction loop) system through a hearing assist device such as a telecoil hearing aid, cochlear implant, or loop listener.

Sound and/or speech is converted into an electromagnetic signal by a hearing loop amplifier. The electromagnetic signal is transmitted via the hearing loop copper wire or antenna. Users inside the hearing loop copper wire or within proximity of the antenna picks up the electromagnetic signal through the t-coil program in their assistive listening device. The sound and/or speech is transmitted directly into the user’s ear, which significantly reduces the effects of background noise.

Where can I buy Contacta products?

Products can only be purchased through authorized Contacta Dealers. Contacta has a network of Dealers across the United States and Canada. Contact us to get your local Contacta Dealers’ contact information!

How much does a home hearing loop system cost?

The Contacta HLD3 Hearing Loop Driver is recommended for home loop installations. The HLD3 kits are sold with a room loop wire or a Loop Pad and range in price from $249—$289 USD (not including installation).

How much does a large area hearing loop system cost?

Every hearing loop installation is unique. There are several factors that go into the installation such as the construction material of the venue, how the hearing loop will be used, and where it will be installed. Contacta Dealers are trained to perform field tests where data like background noise is collected. They use the data to design the hearing loops and develop a plan of product installation. All these factors will give the Dealer the information necessary to provide a cost estimate.

How do I become a Contacta dealer?

We welcome you to contact us if you are interested in becoming a Dealer. We still have regions in North America where Dealers are needed. A Dealer Application and attendance to a hearing loop training session is required prior to becoming an authorized Dealer. Don’t worry - Contacta hosts several hearing loop trainings throughout the year! Sign up to get on the email training announcement list by emailing

Top-tier Contacta Dealers do have exclusivity to some regions; therefore, we encourage you to contact us to determine eligibility.