Feature Products

Our feature products use the Contacta product range in innovative ways that make hearing loop systems more accessible to the user, event, and community landscape. Hearing loops are custom, unique, and carefully designed at each venue where they are installed. We recognize the need for custom products with exclusive functions and features to meet the user’s needs and desire to hear in the settings in which they work, live, and socialize. It is for that reason that we are proud to announce two new products; the Hearing Loop Table and the Portable Room Loop Kit (PRLK).

The Hearing Loop Table is an ADA compliant handcrafted table with a built in hearing loop system. Two to four flush mounted microphones are built into the surface to pick up speech and the hearing loop driver and loop modules are housed under the table. The Table built in the USA has a modern design that can appeal to a variety of setting both professional and casual.

The PRLK is an all-in-one fully portable hearing loop solution. It will provide a venue owner or meeting organizer the ability to set up a professional and high quality temporary hearing loop. The PRLK has custom front and rear panels that bring all cable hook up and functions to your fingertips, allowing straightforward set up and ease of use for users at any skill level.


Feature Products

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Contacta Hearing Loop Table Product Sheet
Contacta Portable Room Loop Kit Product Sheet

1:1 Loops

Contacta’s Portable InfoLoop (PIL) and counter SupaLoop kits o er a hearing loop solution for a multitude of situations where communication between two people takes place such as: banks, reception desks, pharmacies, retail check-out counters, libraries, information booths, and one-on-one meetings.

The PIL is a mobile desktop hearing loop system that incorporates an internal microphone, amplifier, hearing loop aerial and rechargeable battery system. The PIL can travel with you throughout your day, at home conversing with family, work meetings, coffee shop to meet with friends or a visit to the doctor. For best sound quality, an external microphone is recommended.

Contacta offers a range of counter SupaLoop kits to uniquely fit every counter situation. To build your kit, choose between three microphone models, an under or over the counter loop aerial and pair it with the HLD2 Hearing Loop Driver. Over the counter aerials can be affixed to a stand and set on a desk, mounted on a hard-vertical surface or to a glass window/partition. The counter loop systems are designed to remain ‘ON’ continuously benefiting the users so that they do not have to request assistance. Once inside the electromagnetic field of the loop aerial, the user is automatically included as soon as they switch their hearing instrument to the T-Coil Program.


1:1 Loops

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Contacta HLD2 Product Sheet
Contacta IL-AE96 Product Sheet
Contacta IL-AE99 Product Sheet
Contacta M72 Product Sheet
Contacta M73 Product Sheet
Contacta M300 Product Sheet
Contacta PIL Product Sheet

Large Area Drivers

Contacta’s five large area hearing loop drivers are compact, highly efficient, and designed for a variety of venues and design applications. Large area hearing loops are installed by a network of Contacta Dealers throughout North America. Dealers are highly skilled and trained to ensure all installations meet the IEC Standard 60118-4. Large area hearing loops provide accessibility to spaces with considerable number of users with even coverage throughout regardless of the scale. User’s hear with the same clarity if they sit in the front row or 50th row of a theater, places of worship, classroom, or sports stadium. Our goal is for users to be confident in their ability to hear within their community spaces and to utilize hearing loops with ease and dignity.

The V Series in the newest driver range, consisting of the V7 and V12a. Both drivers have a Class-D output stage and an audio subsystem build around an advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) core. The V7 is a perimeter driver and the V12 has a dual output with integral phase shifter for phased array configurations. The V Series drivers are suitable for mdall to mid size venues such as classrooms and conference spaces.

The HLD professional series driver range consists of the HLD5, HLD7 and HLD9. All drivers have flexible configurations able to accommodate perimeter and phased array loop designs. The drivers have a range of output characteristics suitable for mid to large size venues such as lecture halls, conference facilities, performing arts centers, theaters, places of worship, sports stadiums, and airports.


Large Area Drivers

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Contacta FSM Product Sheet
Contacta HLD3 Product Sheet
Contacta HLD5 Product Sheet
Contacta HLD7 Product Sheet
Contacta HLD9 ETL Product Sheet
Contacta RMM1 Product Sheet
Contacta RX20 Product Sheet
Contacta TSG Product Sheet
Contacta V7 Product Sheet
Contacta V12 Product Sheet
Contacta V14 Product Sheet

Speech Transfer Systems

Speech Transfer Systems (STS) provide assistance for clear communication where normal speech is impaired by use of glass, security screen or other similar barriers. Our STS kits come in a variety of microphone and speaker options to fit an array of counter congurations. All STS kits include the STS-A31 Hearing Loop Driver, choice of staff microphone and speaker, choice of customer microphone and speaker, along with a hearing loop system.

The STS kits are available in Grey, Black, and Stainless Steel. For staff working in loud environments, a Break Out Box (B.O.B) is an accessory which allows the kits to be used with a headset as a replacement to the staff microphone and speaker, or as an additional option.

Speech Transfer Systems are suitable for any situation where one to one communication takes place through glass at a counter, booth, desk such as: banks, embassies, ticket offices, information centers, theaters, corrections facilities, and public transit systems.


Speech Transfer Systems

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Contacta STS-A31H Product Sheet
Contacta STS-K001 Product Sheet
Contacta STS-K002 Product Sheet
Contacta STS-K003 Product Sheet
Contacta STS-K015 Product Sheet
Contacta STS-K035 Product Sheet
Contacta STS-K058 Product Sheet
Contacta STS-K060 Product Sheet
Contacta STS-SJB Product Sheet
Contacta STS-K020 Product Sheet


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Product FAQ

What is a hearing loop and how does it work?

A hearing loop is an assistive listening technology that improves communication by enabling the user to hear the sound source directly, therefore reducing background noise. Users can participate in a hearing loop system through a hearing instrument such as a t-coil enabled hearing aid, cochlear implant, or loop listener.

Sound and/or speech is converted into an electromagnetic signal by a hearing loop amplifier. The electromagnetic signal is transmitted via the hearing loop wire or aerial. Users that are inside of the hearing loop wire or within close proximity of the aerial pick up the electromagnetic signal through the t-coil program in their hearing device. The sound and/or speech then gets transmitted directly into the users ear. This significantly reduces the effects of background noise.

Where can I buy Contacta products?

Products can only be purchased through authorized Contacta Dealers. Contacta has a network of Dealers across the United States and Canada. Contact us to get your local Contacta Dealers contact information.

How much does a home loop system cost?

The Contacta HLD3 Hearing Loop Driver is recommended for home loop installations. The HLD3 kits are sold with room loop wire or a Loop Pad and range in price from $249—$289 USD (not including installation).

How much does a large area loop system cost?

Every hearing loop installation is unique. The construction material of the venue, how the hearing loop will be used, and where it will be installed are all factors that go into the selection of wire type and size and deciding the appropriate hearing loop driver. Contacta Dealers are trained to perform field tests where data like background noise is collected, loop design is established, and a plan of how the loop will be installed is determined. All these factors will give the Dealer the information necessary to provide a cost estimate.

How do I become a Contacta dealer?

We welcome you to contact us if you are interested in becoming a Dealer. We still have regions in the United States where Dealers are needed. A Dealer Application and attendance to a hearing loop training is required prior to becoming an authorized Dealer. Contacta hosts several hearing loop trainings throughout the year. Sign up to get on the email training announcement list by emailing:

Top tier Dealers do have exclusivity to some regions, therefore we encourage you to contact us to determine eligibility.