1 to 1 Hearing Loops

Our 1 to 1 hearing loops and induction loops create a seamless communication experience for customers with hearing loss, enabling them to comfortably interact with staff at counters or during one-on-one interactions. Elevate customer service quality with impeccable audio clarity and effective power consumption management.

Under the Counter Loop System

Our Under the Counter Loop System provides clear communication with hearing aid wearers, especially where background noise is a problem or clear speech is restricted.

Above the Counter Loop System

Our Above the Counter Loop System includes a unique hearing loop aerial which combines clear signage with excellent signal, and can be easily fixed surfaces.

PIL - Portable InfoLoop

The Portable Loop is a versatile solution, providing movable desktop assistance for your customers where a fixed loop cannot be installed. It is used for conversations between two people.

HLD3 Home Loop Kits

Our Home Loop is a sleek and powerful hearing loop driver that connects to televisions and other audio devices.

IL-A42 - Integrated Hearing Loop Driver

Our Integrated Hearing Loop Driver is incorporated into third-party manufacturers’ equipment, providing an integral hearing loop solution for machines and equipment.

IL-EL42-PB - Hearing Loop for Door Entry Systems

Our hearing loop is for use with door entry systems, providing clear audio to hearing device wearers.

IL-EL42-PF - Flush Hearing Loop for Door Entry Systems

Our flush hearing loop is for use with door entry systems, providing clear audio to hearing device wearers.

HLD2 - 1 to 1 Hearing Loop Driver

Our innovative 1 to 1 Hearing Loop Driver is a special type of audio amplifier designed especially for driving hearing loops.

IL-AE97- Above Counter Hearing Loop Aerial

The Supaloop Aerial is a hearing loop aerial built inside of our blue hearing loop sign, enabling the telecoil in a hearing instrument to receive a signal from drivers.

IL-AE98- Window Mounted Hearing Loop Aerial

The window mounted hearing loop is designed for installation on a glass screen from the staff side, facing the customer.

IL-AE99 - Counter Hearing Loop Aerial

Our Counter Hearing Loop Aerial is for use with the Under the Counter Loop System, which is fixed under desks or counters.

Hearing Loop Signs

As hearing loops are often installed out of sight, it is important to make people aware where a hearing loop is available. Signs should be clearly placed wherever there is a hearing loop installed.

HLD-STAND - Counter Loop Stand

This desk stand attaches to the Supaloop Aerial. The aerial attaches to the stand using a double-sided adhesive pad.

PS-55 - Power Supply

The PS-55 Power Supply is a Level VI power supply for use with our Under the Counter Loop System, Above the Counter Loop System and Home Loop Kit.

MIC-M72 - Halo Microphone with Stem

Our Halo Microphone with Stem features a noise-cancelling capsule and a halo light indication at the base of the microphone stem.

MIC-M73 - Microphone with Stem (No Light)

Our Halo Microphone with Stem (No Light) is a noise-cancelling microphone.

MIC-M74-01 - Halo Microphone with Round Base

Our Halo Microphone with Round Base is on a round base for easy mounting, and is a compact, unobtrusive solution.

STS-M74-02 - Discreet Microphone

Our Discreet Microphone is a compact solution for mounting to registers or computer screens.

MIC-M70 - Mouse Microphone

Our discreet Mouse Microphone is for installations with limited counter space, designed to attach to registers or computer screens using double-sided tape.

MIC-M15 Universal Microphone

Our omnidirectional microphone is suitable for use on the customer side. Screws and a double-sided sticky pad are included for installation.

MIC-PL30 - Small Boundary Microphone

The Small Boundary Microphone is ideal for use with our Portable Loop to extend microphone capabilities and with the Home Loop driver to amplify external sounds.

MIC-M300 - Flexible Gooseneck Microphone

Our Flexible Gooseneck Microphone is a free-standing directional microphone for the staff side, with a 300mm flexible gooseneck shaft and round base.

PIL-PL26 - Portable Loop Shelf

Our Portable Loop Shelf is an ideal storage unit and charging location for the Portable Loop.

RX20 - Loop Listener

Our Loop Listener is a compact listening device which enables users to listen to a hearing loop system as if they were wearing a hearing instrument.

Hearing Loop Hub

Visit our Hearing Loop Hub to see how hearing loops work, what different types of loops can do for your business, the latest information on legislations and standards, and frequently asked questions.

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