Portable InfoLoop

The Portable InfoLoop is a versatile solution, providing movable desktop assistance for your customers where a fixed loop cannot be installed. It is used for conversations between two people.


  • Magnetic field strength distance of approximately 24″
  • Advanced audio processing features AGC, compression, and noise gate
  • Constant-current loop drive
  • LED indicator for loop drive and battery status

Product Sheet

Installation Manual

System Components

HL-LABEL-S - Hearing Loop Sign

Small Hearing Loop Label, 3.5`` x 4``

PS-56 - Power Supply

The PS-56 Power Supply is a plug top power supply designed to be used with our Portable InfoLoop.

Microphone Options

MIC-M73 - Microphone with Stem

Halo Microphone with stem features a noise cancelling capsule.

MIC-M300 Gooseneck Microphone

Our Flexible Gooseneck Microphone is a free-standing directional microphone for the staff side, with a 300mm flexible gooseneck shaft and round base.

MIC-PL30 - Small Boundary Microphone

The Small Boundary Microphone is ideal for use with our Portable InfoLoop to extend microphone capabilities and with the Home Loop driver to amplify external sounds.


PIL-PL26 - Portable Loop Shelf

Our Portable Loop Shelf is an ideal storage unit and charging location for the Portable Loop.

Portable Loop Kit Guide Play


Hearing Loop Hub

Visit our Hearing Loop Hub to see how hearing loops work, what different types of loops can do for your business, the latest information on legislations and standards, and frequently asked questions.

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