HLD3 Home Loop Kit

RL-HLD3 Home Loop Kit

Our Home Loop is a sleek and powerful hearing loop driver that connects to televisions and other audio devices.

It enables hearing instrument wearers to listen wirelessly directly from the source, providing the best possible sound quality. Integrated clear audio processing gives the user outstanding sound quality, enhancing speech and music clarity.

Suitable for home and business use, in small rooms where a television or sound system is present.


  • Quick setup and simple connection to either a room loop, or a loop pad underneath a sofa or chair
  • Optical input (TOSLINK) for clearer sound less prone to interference
  • Adaptable to a variety room layouts
  • Connects to multiple devices
  • Constant current for consistent audio performance
  • Separate volume control
  • HF compensation

System Components

Hearing Loop Pad

Our Hearing Loop Pad with Built in-Aerial

PS-55 Power Supply

The PS-55 Power Supply is a Level VI power supply.

HLD3 Hearing Loop Driver

Small Boundary Microphone

The Small Boundary Microphone is ideal to amplify external sounds such as doorbells or phones.

Hearing Loop Hub

Visit our Hearing Loop Hub to see how hearing loops work, what different types of loops can do for your business, the latest information on legislations and standards, and frequently asked questions.

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