Hearing Loop System

The LA-240 hearing loop system is a compact hearing loop driver that comes with either a loop pad [LA-240-LP] or a roll of 131ft of wire [LA-240-W] that can provide a looped environment up to approximately 540sq ft.

The LA-240 can be connected to a television or sound system, making it suitable for both home and business use in small rooms.

It is a practical solution for hearing aid users to easily listen to their TV or audio equipment via the ‘T’ or telecoil setting on their hearing device. The user can move freely in a looped area and listen clearly and comfortably.


  • Quick setup and simple connection to either a room loop or a loop pad
  • Optical and coaxial digital input
  • Digital rotary volume and tone controls with LED indication
  • 2 microphone inputs and 3 line inputs
  • Source selection of all inputs from the front panel, mixing of inputs is possible
  • Control settings memorized allowing remote power switching
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC)

Product Sheet

User Guide

System Components


A hearing loop driver that connects to televisions and other audio devices.


Lapel microphone with a 4ft cable

TOSlink optical cable

3.5mm stereo jack plug to RCA adapter

RCA to RCA cable

Loop Pad, or

Hearing Loop Pad with built in loop aerial. The Loop Pad gets placed under the seat cushion of the user and directly connects to the HLD3 Loop Driver.

131ft of Hearing Loop Wire


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