Portable Large Area Loop – PLALS-V

PLALS-V Portable Large Area Loop

Our Portable Large Area Loop is an all-in-one fully portable hearing loop, ideal as a temporary solution or for use in multiple venues.

It has a built-in hearing loop driver, a 2 channel receiver and an auxiliary input. The receiving module is licence-free and generally approved for operation in EU and EFTA countries.


  • Compact case
  • 2 channel receiver
  • Efficient power utilization
  • Continuous self-testing
  • Accurate, lockable, front panel mounted controls
  • Padded pocket to house accessories

System Components

V7 Hearing Loop Driver

Our highly efficient and compact V7 is a constant current, perimeter hearing loop driver, suitable for smaller facilities and venues.

Loop Listener

Our loop listener is a compact listening device, allowing installers to listen to a hearing loop system as if they were wearing a hearing instrument switched to the “T” position.

Boundary Microphone

The boundary microphone is a small, surface mounted electret condenser microphone designed for mounting on conference tables, stage floors, and lecterns.

Microphone Options

Handheld Microphone

Our handheld microphone has an integrated multi-frequency transmitter and UHF technology.

Multi-Frequency Beltpack Microphone

This multi-frequency microphone transmitter comes with a tie clip for ease of use.


Hearing Loop Hub

Visit our Hearing Loop Hub to see how hearing loops work, what different types of loops can do for your business, the latest information on legislations and standards, and frequently asked questions.

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