V22 Single Output Hearing Loop Driver

V22 V Series Large Area Loop Driver

Our highly efficient V22 single output hearing loop driver is built around high-end technology designed for the flagship V Series PRO hearing loop driver range. It is suitable for driving the most demanding perimeter loop systems in medium to large venues.

With a Class-D amplifier output stage, the V22 delivers enough current to drive even the toughest loop loads. The audio subsystem is built around an advanced DSP core which is combined with microprocessor control.

Product Features

  • DSP controlled automatic gain control and high frequency compensation for metal loss
  • Single output driver
  • Class-D amplifier output stage capable of delivering 12Arms @ >22Vrms
  • Ultra-efficient power utilization (up to 90% efficient)
  • True constant current output stage
  • Simple user interface
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Sleep mode
  • Continuous self-testing
  • Integrated protection circuits with temperature, voltage, short circuit and DC protection

Product Sheet

User Guide


XLR to Euroblock Cable

This adaptor cable provides an XLR connection to our V22 Hearing Loop Driver's Euroblock style terminal connection.


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