24 Bay Charging Case for RF-TX1 Portable TransmitterĀ and RF-RX1 Portable Receivers

The RF-DC-24 Charging Case is for use with the RF-RX1-915 Portable Receiver and RF-TX1-915 Portable Transmitter. It can hold up to 24 devices in a standing position with a simple drop-in connection.

The built-in digital panel enables fast and easy programming of multiple devices, including data copy and channel sync. The smart programming software provides fast setup from a master device.


This 24 Bay Charging Case can be used in venues such as:

  • Museums
  • Places of Worship
  • Auditoriums
  • Exhibits/Events/Conferences
  • Lecture Halls and Universities
  • Performing Arts Centers

Installation Manual

Product Sheet

System Components

Power Supply

USB Drive with PC Programming Software

Compatible Accessories


Portable Radio Frequency Transmitter


Portable Radio Frequency Receiver

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