Portable Radio Frequency Handheld Transmitter

RF-TXHH-915 380x380

The RF-TXHH-915 Portable Handheld Transmitter delivers wireless transmission of speech and/or music to users through the RF-RX1 Portable Receivers, using the 915MHz frequency.  It’s a wireless assistive listening system intended for guided tours or interpretation services using FM radio waves.


This wireless assistive listening system can be used in venues such as:

  • Museums
  • Historical Sites
  • Exhibitions/Events/Conferences
  • Any space where guided tours take place

Product Sheet

Installation Manual


x2 AA Alkaline Batteries

The RF-TXHH will include batteries. Battery life is >8 hours.



The Portable RF-RX1-915 Receiver is compatible with all the RF Transmitters in the range: RF-TXRM-915, RF-TX1-915 and the RF-TXHH-915

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