Window Intercom Systems

Dual Speaker Pod System - STS-K070

The STS-K070 features dual speaker pods which can be free standing or surface mounted.

Speaker and Microphone Pod System - STS-K071

The STS-K071 features speaker and microphone pods which can be free standing or surface mounted.

Speaker Pod and Screen Mounted Microphone System - STS-K072

The STS-K072 features a mounted screen microphone along with speaker and microphone pods.

Bridge Bar System - STS-K001

The STS-K001 Bridge Bar System is perfect for natural speech with a microphone in the center and speakers on either side. The all-in-one design makes it effortless to install.

Surface Mounted System - STS-K002

The STS-K002 Surface Mounted System contains discrete speakers that can be positioned to suit your specific requirements.

Dual Surface Mounted System - STS-K002-01

The STS-K002-01 provides dual speaker and microphone units for both customers and staff.

Flush Mounted System - STS-K003

The STS-K003 Flush Mounted System provides a sleek look, keeping the counter clear.

Surface Mounted Entry System - STS-K009

The STS-K009 includes our surface mounted entry unit, our open duplex amplifier, hearing loop and a free-standing microphone and speaker unit for staff.

Dual Overhead Speaker System - STS-K015

The STS-K015 Dual Overhead Speaker System has overhead speakers in place of speakers situated on the counter top.

Retrofit Glass Mounted System - STS-K020

The STS-K020 is specifically designed to retrofit into a window where an existing system has left a hole in the glass.

Curved Microphone System - STS-K035

The STS-K035 Curved Microphone System features individual speaker and microphone units for the customer-side.

Bent Screen Mounted Microphone System - STS-K058

The STS-K058 features a bent vandal-proof glass mounted microphone for the customer side, along with a free standing microphone unit.

Slimline Bridge Bar - STS-K060

The STS-K060 Slimline Bridge Bar System features a slimline stainless steel bridge bar unit with a screen-mounted microphone.

Overhead Speakers & Anti-Vandal Mic System - STS-K062

The STS-K062 features a mounted microphone for the customer side, a microphone with a round base for the staff side, and two overhead speaker modules.

Break Out Box - STS-SJB-RJ

Our Break Out Box is an accessory which allows our speech systems to be used with a headset in place of using the staff unit.

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