Speech System with Bent Window-Mounted Microphone – STS-K058

This window intercom system features a bent vandal-proof glass mounted microphone for the customer side, along with a free-standing microphone unit.


For use where one to one communication takes place through a window:

  • Banks
  • Post Offices
  • Supermarkets
  • Ticket Kiosks
  • Information Centers
  • Airports

System Components

STS-A31H Window Intercom Amplifier

Our amplifier provides full open duplex communication and is compatible with all our window intercom products.

STS-SU1 Staff Unit

A free-standing combined speaker and directional microphone for the staff side.

Bent Vandal-Proof Customer Microphone

Customer side bent anti-vandal and screen mounted microphone.

STS-S60 Surface Mounted Speaker

A customer side, free-standing speaker and omni-directional microphone module.

IL-AE99 Under the Counter Hearing Loop Aerial

This hearing loop aerial is for use with our Window Intercom Systems. It is a moldable wire that can be installed under desks or counters.

PS-55 Power Supply

The PS-55 Power Supply is a Level VI power supply for use with the STS-A31H Window Intercom Amplifier.

STS-K058 – Installation Guide Video Play

Product Sheet

Installation Manual

Video Introduction Play

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