Overhead Speakers & Anti-Vandal Mic System – STS-K062


This window intercom system features a mounted microphone for the customer side, a microphone with a round base for the staff side and two mounted overhead speaker modules. It also includes the STS-A31H Window Intercom Amplifier and a hearing loop. It is ideal for a variety of environments.


For use in any situation where one to one communication takes place at a counter, booth or desk, such as:

  • Banks
  • Post Offices
  • Supermarkets
  • Ticket Kiosks
  • Information Centers
  • Airports

System Components

STS-A31H Window Intercom Amplifier

Our amplifier provides full open duplex communication and is compatible with all of our window intercom products.

MIC-M300 Gooseneck Microphone

A free-standing directional microphone for the staff side. It has an 11.8`` flexible gooseneck.

STS-S30 Flush Overhead Speaker

An overhead sealed speaker designed to be surface mounted above the customer side counter.

STS-M14-300 Anti-Vandal Microphone

A customer side, anti-vandal and screen mounted, directional microphone.

Glass Mounted Hearing Loop Aerial

This hearing loop aerial is in a square housed between a hearing loop label that mounts to the glass from the staff side.

PS-55 Power Supply

The PS-55 Power Supply is a Level VI power supply for use with the STS-A31H Window Intercom Amplifier.

Window Intercom Hub

Visit our Window Intercom Hub for more information about our systems and for help choosing the right one for your application.

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